Applicability of disulfide-polymer particles surface embedded on alginate beads for cadmium removal from airport derived stormwater

by D. Ko, H. Kim, H. Lee,, C. T. Yavuz, H. R. Andersen, Y. Hwang
Year: 2018 DOI: 10.1016/j.jece.2018.06.007


Stormwater runoff derived from airports causes severe cadmium contamination in excess of the maximum limit level and is difficult to treat due to the irregular contamination levels from scattered rainfall. To overcome this and remove cadmium from runoff, a new reactive filtration column is introduced. Sulfur functionalized polymer particles were successfully embedded onto the surface of alginate bead (DiS-algi) and simulated a real stormwater treatment filtration column. The DiS-algi shows 22.3 mg/g of batch and 877 μg/g of continuous flow sorption capacity. Also, the results for the new sorption material show that within 6 mins half of the cadmium was removed with 31 L/mg of Langmuir sorption affinity, outperforming an activated carbon filter. From a breakthrough test the reactive column shows complete uptake of cadmium from a contaminated flow, lasting two hours until reaching the breakthrough point. Furthermore, regeneration tests of the column verified its reusability. DiS-algi appears to be a viable new cadmium sorption material for airport derived stormwater runoff filtration systems.