Zainb Alismail

PhD Students

MS/PhD Student




Research Interests

Low carbon hydrogen production and separation for mobility and energy generation applications, and carbon capture & utilization aiming to enable the availability of sustainable fuels while achieving emission reduction targets.

Selected Publications

  • Steam reforming of simulated pre-reformed naphtha in a PdAu membrane reactor, Firas S. Alrashed*, Stephen N. Paglieri, Zainab S. Alismail, Hassan Khalaf, Aadesh Harale, Johan P. Overbeek, Henk M. van Veen, Abbas S. Hakeem, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 2021.


  • B.Sc., Chemical Engineering, University of Leeds, Leeds, The United Kingdom, 2019.

Professional Profile

2019-2023: Research engineer, Saudi Aramco R&D Center, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.


Dean's list of academic excellence: University of Leeds, 2017

Research Interests Keywords

Hydrogen production Membranes