Research Scientist

Thien S. Nguyen

Research Scientist

Research Interests: Porous Organic materials synthesis and characterization, Gas Capture, CO2 conversion, Organic Synthesis

Javeed Mahmood

Research Scientist

Research Interests: Covalent Organic Frameworks, Hydrogen evolution reactions, Oxygen evolution reactions, Electrochemical Water splitting, Porous polymers

Postdoctoral Fellows

Khamidulla B. Tukhtaev

Postdoctoral Fellow

Research Interests: Organic Synthesis, Stereodivergent methods, Organocatalysts, Iminophosphoranes

Phil Woong Kang

Postdoctoral Fellow

Sujan Mondal

Postdoctoral Fellows

Research Interests: Nanoporous materials, Gas storage, CO2 capture and conversion, environmental remediation, Heterogenous Catalysis

Kairui Liu

Postdoctoral Fellows

Research Interests: Heterogenous Catalysis, DFT, Hydrogenation, Single atom catalyst, Hydrosilylation, Oxidation

Muhammad B. Asif

Postdoctoral fellow

Research Interests: Water treatment, environmental remediation, membrane technology, Nanocatalysis, Heterogenous Catalysis

Zhonghua Xue

Postdoctoral Fellows

Research Interests: Inorganic material, catalysis

Mohitosh Bhadra

Postdoctoral Fellow

Research Interests: Porous Crystalline Polymers, Covalent Organic Frameworks, Heterogenous Catalysis, Metal Nanoparticles

Raghu Vamsy Maligal Ganesh

Postdoctoral Fellow

Research Interests: Heterogenous Catalysis, Intermetallic Nanoparticles

Research Support

Wei Yang

Research Assistant

Thi Phuong Nga Nguyen

Laboratory Equipment Coordinator

PhD Students

Azimet Karluk

Ph.D. Students

Research Interests: Nanomaterials, Catalyst, Ammonia gas synthesis, DRM

Anas T. Bintin

PhD student

Artem Rashevskii

Phd Student

Research Interests: Organic chemistry, Polymer chemistry, Porous Materials

Zainb Alismail

MS/PhD Student

Research Interests: Hydrogen production, Membranes

Wei Zhang

PhD Student

Eziz Naryyev

PhD student

Research Interests: Water treatment, Organic Synthesis, Catalyst, Porous Materials

Mona Almaghrabi

PhD Student

Yuxuan Shang

MS/Ph.D. Student