Eziz Naryyev

PhD Students

PhD student




Selected Publications

Determination of Pb(II) Ions in Water by Fluorescence Spectroscopy Based on Silver Nanoclusters, Luca Burratti, Eziz Naryyev et.al., Chemosensors (2022)


B.Sc., Chemistry, Turkmen State University, Turkmenistan, 2017
M.Sc., Chemical nanoengineering, Aix-Marseille University, France, 2021

Professional Profile

2023-2026: PhD student, KAUST, Thuwal, Saudi Arabia

Scientific and Professional Membership



  • Erasmus Master's degree scholarship, 2019-2021 a.y.
  • Presidential Scholarship for university students TSU, Ashgabat| 2015-2017 a.y.
  • Bronze medal, 9th IChSO (University students) Tehran, Iran, 2016
  • Bronze medal, 8th IChSO (University students) Hamedan, Iran, 2015
  • Bronze medal, 7th IChSO (University students) Shiraz, Iran, 2014
  • Asian Science Camp Fellowship program winner, Tsukuba, Japan, 2013
  • Silver Medal, 43rd IChO Ankara, Turkey, 2011

KAUST Affiliations

PSE - Physical and Engineering Division

Research Interests Keywords

Water treatment Organic Synthesis Catalyst Porous Materials